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The whistling thorn is Acacia drepanalobium, which has a special relationship with a species of Crematogaster ant. The ants live in the trees, fiercely protecting them from browsers that would strip their leaves, flowers & seeds. In exchange, the tree provides the ants with hollow galls in which to live and special nectar glands for food.This relationship is the analogy for community conservation: people protecing the landscape and wildlife, and in exchange the land and animals provide the people with food, shelter, water, and economic benefit.

"Community Conservation is successful when the preservation
of Landscape,Wildlife, & Culture
are balanced by fair policies, enhanced by good science, and aided by sustainable economic development."


Set in classic African thorn-tree bush in the Great Rift Valley with stunning views of the Escarpment, Whistling Thorn Camp is a private concession adjacent to famed elephant haven Tarangire National Park. Whistling Thorn Camp is a perfect facility for groups or individuals who would like something out of the ordinary for their safari experience ~ where nature, culture, and conservation come together in the heart of wild Africa.


Guests at
Whistling Thorn Camp also enjoy a special relationship with the Olasiti Maasai community, from whom the camp land is leased. The community shares in the proceeds from each guest-night paid, and many guests contribute to numerous projects that are important to cultural conservation.

As part of the lease agreement for Whistling Thorn Camp the community helps protect the wildlands of the camp property, which are part of the famed Kwa Kuchinja Wildlife Corridor, one of the most important areas where elephants, wildebeests, and other migratory animals move between protected areas seeking food and water




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