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"There are so many camps and so many tour operators to choose from in Tanzania. But what sets Destination Africa and Whistling Thorn Camp apart from all the rest is simple: It is owned and operated by native-born Tanzanians who are clearly dedicated to the land, its wildlife, and its people. We'll be back because we want to be a part of their success, a part of true community-based conservation."

~ Roseann & Jonathan Hanson, Tucson, Arizona USA

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Combine nights at Whistling Thorn Camp with an exciting private mobile safari! Contact Destination Africa Safaris, the operator of Whistling Thorn Camp, for more information.
Photo credits: Roseann & Jonathan Hanson or Hagai Kissila, Destination Africa.
Facilities & Bookings at Whistling Thorn Camp

Whistling Thorn Camp can accommodate up to 20 lucky guests in spacious full luxury canvas tents with permanent grass-thatched ramadas (see below for how the local Maasai community assisted in building our ramadas). Each tent, with either two single beds or one king-sized bed, has shelving, writing desk, en suite bathroom with flush toilet and luxurious hot showers. A shaded veranda with chairs, table, and wash basins overlooks a scenic parkland. At night, your private tent is lit by gas lamp, and you will have your own electric torch.

No detail is too small: umbrellas, mirrors, and personal wash basins for each tent.
It can hardly be called "camping!" Guests at Whistling Thorn Camp enjoy meals served on china and crystal, in a spacious dining tent, with friendly staff who serve at tableside or set up a buffet style meal (such as at lunchtime or breakfast).
Our chef prepares sumptuous three- and four-course meals, beginning with freshly baked breads (see right) and delectable soups, followed by fresh Tanzania vegetables, salads, and meats, and finished with perfect desserts. A bar selection is available.
The local Maasai community, from whom we lease the camp property, assist in all aspects of camp operation. Above is our new dining ramada, a new home for our large dining tent and communal area for guests. Ladies from the community are paid to cut the thatch; expert thatchers are shown constructing the roof.
Bookings at Whistling Thorn Camp

Rates below are in US dollars, per person per night, including full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, evening snacks), a donation to the Olasiti Village Development Fund, and guided walking safari. Beer, wine, and spirits are available at our bar.



 Per person in single

Per person in double

Per person in triple

June thru March

US $135

US $110

US $80

April & May

US $90

US $70

US $50

Seasonal surcharge of US$ 15 per person applicable from 23rd December to 2nd of January.

Please contact us about group rates, rates for longer stays, and special food requirements and other services, including scheduling game drives and activities.

Don't forget, our parent company, Destination Africa Safaris, is a full-service safari tour operator and can create the Tanzanian safari of your dreams for you ~ whether you are one person or a group of 70.


Best Seasons at Whistling Thorn Camp

We are open year-round but depending on your safari objectives and personal desires, a certain time might be better for you.

Some things to keep in mind - The peak tourist season is November to March, and so the National Parks can be more crowded at this time. June to September will see another tourist surge, as this is during the time of the Great Migration in the Serengeti ecosystem. Places such as Ngorongoro Crater are busy all year. For climbing Kilimanjaro, dry season is best, especially March and September.

The seasons in northern Tanzania are as follows:

January - March is summer, and one of the dry seasons (although rains can start in March). Dry seasons are the best time to see animals, since they will be clustered around the water holes and the vegetation is largely without leaves. The grass is shorter and offers less cover the longer you extend into dry season (after the rains, grasses are lush and tall, providing more cover for animals). Temperatures are warm in the daytime (links coming soon to Accuweather), and can be cool at night.

April - May is fall and the wettest season, called the "long rains." Roads will be very muddy and access in many parks very restricted if not closed. Insects can be very active.

June - July is winter, and very green just after the long rains (making vegetation a bit more thick and harder to see animals in, but very scenic); however, it is the start of the dry season.

August - September is late winter, also part of the dry season.

September - October is spring, and it is hotter and dry as well. Excellent game viewing.

November - December is late spring, with a short rainy season (called the "short rains").

This is just a guideline - weather is always unpredictable! Each season has its own special plus, or a minus, depending on your desires. Please consult us about the best time to visit for you.

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Activities at Whistling Thorn Camp
At Whistling Thorn Camp you can enjoy real bush walks with Maasai guides leaving right from your tent! We also will enjoy night drives ~ the best time to see animals such as jackals, leopards, and and other shy cats.

Because we are immediately adjacent to Tarangire National Park, we frequently enjoy wildlife in the camp ~ zebras, giraffes, ostrich, wildebeests, various antelope, black-backed jackals, Cape buffalo, and elephants.

Birdwatching in camp is especially excellent, as Tarangire is known as having extremely high bird diversity - for all of East Africa. Please see our Conservation page for species lists and more information.

The entrance to Tarangire is just 15 minutes' drive from Whistling Thorn Camp. This park is a little-known jewel of East Africa - a haven for one of the largest elephant herds, with a fantastic landscape of rivers, the famed baobob trees, acacia woodlands and more. It is a very large park, and wildlife viewing is excellent.

Cultural activities include visits the local Maasai community to buy crafts (see below), or to south Lake Manyara, to the very shy and still-primitive Datoga people, relatives of the Maasai.

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The People at Whistling Thorn Camp
At Whistling Thorn Camp, the wildlife and scenery may be spectacular, but what sets us apart from all other camps and tour operators is the people.

Owner Hagai Kissila (left) is a Maasai, and is very proud of his country - its natural and cultural heritage. His attention to detail is boundless, and he will personally guarantee that your safari is the trip of a lifetime. (Click here to see Hagai's profile and comments from clients . . .)

Whistling Thorn Camp's dedicated staff are friendly and highly trained, to ensure that your stay is perfect. (Check back soon as we profile staff here.)

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